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Why Us

The trading involves financial securities, including foreign exchange (FOREX) and precious metals like gold. We will introduce crude oil, some American commodities and even Contract of Difference trading (CFD) in the future.

We dedicate to be the world’s leading private investment company. We provide high-quality and around the clock services, so that enthusiastic investors and proprietary traders can trade with various offered financial instruments.

With more than 30 years of experience in financial market, Lion Capital Management Co. Limited is committed to provide clients with satisfactory experience by providing efficient and professional customer service. Meanwhile, the most competitive prices are provided for proprietary traders which only available from bank to bank. Our goal is to provide better service for you.

We aim at providing internationally excellent financial solutions for our clients, allowing them access to crucial financial information and online tools which are under the best trading conditions, as well as offering them with a safe environment for trading activities. Thus, we can establish as a trusted brand in such industry and become one of the global investment companies.

In Lion Capital, we emphasize on building professional, efficient and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We deeply believe that our commitments towards clients are the foundation of trust. Our goal is to provide better service for you.

We understand that online trading is dynamic and challenging. In Lion Capital, you can discover tools and other resources for overcoming these obstacles meanwhile you can still acquire the best transaction conditions. We ensure that the company would provide the best service in Cambodia. We pursuit to provide a beneficial market for all clients by offering retail investors who usually cannot access the price and transaction technology among banks.

Transparent trading environment under the Lion Captial.

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