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Company Information

The management team from Lion Capital Management Co. Limited has over 30 years of experience that specializing in the trading financial products such as forex, gold, silver, etc. We aim at creating a world-class financial service platform, providing an advance and secure technological support of web transaction, as well as trustworthy customer service for global investors.

Lion Capital is established in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Looking across the South-east Asian area, Phnom Penh is a central hub which connecting three major international financial regions from Asia, Europe and America. Hence, it has the natural advantage as a central location of the Asia-Europe time zone. Our company will provide safe and secure trading services of forex and precious metal for investors because of the enlightened policies and work style from Cambodian government, so that clients can stick on market trends and seize opportunities for investment.

Transparent trading environment under the Lion Captial.

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